Why has my carport installer recommended vertical roofs for my carport?

Vertical roof structures are installed with vertical panels that run from one side of the unit to the other. The panel orientation makes it easy to channel all snow, rain, fallen leaves, and other debris off the sides of the building and away from the foundation. They are also installed with additional framing pieces, adding to the overall structural integrity of the unit.


I live in a very windy city – carports seem so flimsy. How can I secure my carport?

There are several types of anchors you can choose from to secure your carport such as the following:

Rebar Anchors – These anchors are steel bars and are installed through a hole that is pre-drilled into the base rail. They can be used on both ground and soil installations.

Concrete Anchors – In some cases, concrete anchors are also referred to as wedge anchors. They are only used for concrete pad installations.

Mobile Home Anchors – Our mobile home anchors are only used for buildings that are installed on the ground and buildings that have been certified. However, they can also be used for structures that are not certified.

Asphalt Anchors – Since asphalt is made of tiny particles such as gravel, sand, or stones, it will most likely compromise under pressure. These anchors are designed with barbs, or screw-like threads, that secure the structure to the asphalt foundation without breaking it apart.


How long will my carport last? 

Quality carport structures are designed and engineered with high-quality, heavy-duty, galvanized steel framing. Their overall durability will allow your building to last for years on end. It is highly advised to have your carport installed by a reputable company that offers a quality guarantee and warranty.