Shade nets Johannesburg

Shade Nets Florida

Shade Nets Florida is very adaptable and can be used in various ways, to cover cars for walkway protection and can be used for domestic or commercial purposes, available in a waterproof woven net option. Ultimately – it beautifully shields people and assets from heat, dust, wind, rain and hail.

Shade net carports provide over 90% cool shade and up to 96% UV protection – not to mention an over 70% water run-off. Shade net allows hot air to escape through the fabric, substantially reducing temperature under the canopy and are truly cost-effective (compared to canvas, vinyl, wood or aluminium).

Attractive and functional, these durable Shade Nets Florida can even serve as advertising for your business by carrying signage and logos.

Structures are certified structurally sound, with a great warranty. They allow flexibility; either permanent or removable and is absolutely environmentally friendly.

Long-lasting, Shade Carports and Shade Nets Florida usually carry a 12-15 years life expectancy and a warranty against tearing, fraying and cracking. This option carries a low initial cost and a low replacement cost per square metre for ultimate protection against the sun’s harmful rays.

Structurally sound, fully engineered and modular systems provide peace of mind.

Heat escape is a unique feature and benefit of Shade Cloth. Because it is knitted, the fabric is porous which allows hot air to escape. This results in cooler air under the canopy. Canvas and other solid fabrics or solid steel structures, which are non-porous, do not allow heat to escape and inevitably causes heat to instead build up under the canopy and result in temperatures being hotter than outside the canopy at Shade Nets Florida.

Ultraviolet radiation causes skin cancer and cataracts in humans. Shade Cloth shields up to 99% of these harmful cancer-causing UV rays.

The polyethene fabric requires very little maintenance but as with most things, like buying a new car, annual servicing is required.

Furthermore, should you feel the fabric requires a freshen up then you can simply hose it down from underneath giving it a thorough soaking. This would suffice until a recommended annual service is carried out where all fixings are checked to ensure continued safety.