Your team was extremely helpful and clean, very professional and I am so pleased with my new veranda, thank you so much, I would most certainly recommend your products.

Leeann Fourie


My husband is an engineer and has done lots of machine work. He complains about the quality of nearly every product we have gotten over the years, pointing out (and he’s right) the flaws in the design or craftsmanship. We always end up re-building or re-modelling many things to make them work as advertised.

Understandably, spending any amount of money on something for home improvement is nerve-racking. Talking to you on the phone helped, but still…

The Carport we got from you is MARVELOUS! The only thing hubby has commented on as they built it is a great quality and the lovely design and it came together smoothly. Yay!

Hettie Durant


I cannot thank you enough for offering such a fantastic quality product, exactly as it was represented, with decent installation, such professional teams and you guys get a gold star for the service, the advice AND the carport. Thanks for making our lives and our outdoor storage area a reality instead of a dream!

Quinton Brooke


I would like to tell you how much I appreciated the time you took to answer all my questions when I called to purchase the carport and with your expert advise the building was perfect. I know I kept asking you questions and you answered every one of them and any concerns I had. You took the time to be sure I was satisfied before moving on to the next question and I have to say that went a long way to my purchase with your company. Never mind the quality of my product, I am very grateful for the great service. You have a very Satisfied Customer.